Ulpiano evaluates GB’s dominance at the Houston Open: “we’re on the right track”

Gracie Barra was overall team champion for the 16th time at the Houston Open

Pedro Marinho, Ulpiano Malachias, Henrique Camargo e Dylan Melton no Houston Fall Open. Foto: Reprodução/Instagram
Pedro Marinho, Ulpiano Malachias, Henrique Camargo and Dylan Melton at the Houston Fall Open. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Ulpiano Malachias does consolidated work in Texas and has established himself as one of Gracie Barra’s main leaders in the United States. The state is one of GB’s most important hubs and is home to several champions. A reference in the Jiu-Jitsu community, Ulpiano is an example as a professor and entrepreneur. He leads the Westchase and River Oaks GB’s and has revealed many promising Jiu-Jitsu athletes.

This weekend, Ulpiano and his students helped Gracie Barra maintain their dominance in Texas. The team won the overall team championship with and without a gi at the Houston Fall Open, organized by the IBJJF. It was the 16th time in a row that Gracie Barra reigned supreme in the overall team competition.

In an interview with VF Comunica, Ulpiano Malachias celebrated the achievement and emphasized the unity of his students.

“The result at the Houston Open shows that the work has been done correctly. Master Draculino has always made us understand that this is our headquarters, so we always have to defend ourselves. Seeing my students reach all the adult absolute finals shows that we’re on the right track,” said Ulpiano.

Ulpiano praises his pupils’ Jiu-Jitsu

Gracie Barra took center stage in the adult absolute category. Ulpiano’s students, including multi-champion Pedro Marinho, were key to the school reaching the top. Ulpiano evaluated the performance of his athletes and praised the consistency of their work.

“The performance was excellent. Pedro Marinho took double gold in the black belt and Henrique Camargo won four gold medals. In addition, Dylan Melton took three golds and a silver in the purple belt, while Aldo Perez secured second place in the weight and absolute. The evolution is clear in the attitude because everyone here fights the weight and absolute, regardless of weight. For example, Henrique Camargo is a lightweight, but he always competes in the absolute and gets great results,” said the black belt.

Gracie Barra remains dominant in Texas

Ulpiano has a long career in Texas and his impressive results are the fruit of a lot of hard work. He told us what Gracie Barra’s supremacy in Texas means to him as a professor and gym manager.

“Our hegemony in Texas is due to the work of Master Draculino, who has always taught his people that competition is the essence of Jiu Jitsu. In other words, I try to mirror him as much as possible. The goal is to help out here in Texas because Uirapuru and I are the oldest guys right next to Dracu,” explained Ulpiano.

The end of the year will be busy for Ulpiano and his pupils. The professor listed his pupils’ upcoming commitments and promised full strength at the Nogi 2023 World Championships, scheduled for December.

“Next Saturday, October 28, Bruno Matias has a match here in Houston. On November 30, Pedro Marinho defends his WNO belt against Rafael Lovato. Then we’re going all out for the Nogi World Championship in December. We’ll be taking a very strong team in all belts. Our team is very united thanks to the master, now we just have to get out there and show what we can do,” Ulpiano concluded.

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Written by Gabriel Almada

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