TOP 4 mistakes you must avoid at your gym today

Raphael Barbosa isa-black-belt and professor at UFCGym

Having success as a gym owner and teacher requires studying and dedication as much as the regular jiujitsu training. Currently charged with overseeing the jiujitsu at the UFC Gym schools in the UAE, Raphael Barbosa has learned a lot in the course of his journey in the sport in order to have a robust, packed dojo.

The teacher and the professionals that make up a gym must be lined up with the same purpose so that there’s harmony in the development of the gym, which must also be treated as a business.

A black-belt since 2007, Raphael lists below four mistakes that may be holding back the growth of your jiujitsu gym. He has more than 25 years’ experience split into classes, seminars and competitions.

Check out the following tips and evolve, starting today.


“Not having a methodology is the same thing as not having an identity for your school. The student shows up and doesn’t have any direction. Having a methodology is key, it’s knowing whether your gym is focused on competition or self-defense. Your school needs to have classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced students. The student needs this clarity to know what they’re investing in.”


“We often sin by thinking people need to understand right away what we’re teaching. Dealing with the public is a difficult thing, so the clearer you are, the more success you will have in your business. Have the patience to teach as many times as it is necessary.”


“If you want to make a living off jiujitsu, you need to know that it is necessary to be professional; jiujitsu is getting more and more professional. When you open your gym, you have to do so to generate money for yourself. You are there transforming lives, which is one of the missions of jiujitsu, but like any company it needs to operate in the green. So whatever you do, from hiring the teachers, selling the uniforms, the monthly plans, private lessons, all of that requires professionalism on your part. If you are a great professional, you will see your school grow and you will make money from your work. Be professional!”


“He who is not seen is not remembered. Therefore, it’s necessary to promote your school and your personal brand as a teacher. Using technology in your favor and being exposed to the market. People are looking for information on the internet all the time. Investing in marketing should be an important part of the functions of your school!”

Written by Vitor Freitas

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