The importance of exchange and studying finance, by Nicolas Renier

French is a thriving entrepreneur and continues to seek knowledge

Nicolas Renier em ação no Europeu Nogi. Foto: Lu Nivers Athletics
Nicolas Renier in action at the European Nogi. Photo: Lu Nivers Athletics

Nicolas Renier has had a remarkable career as a grappling athlete, but he has also become a star in the world of finance. The Frenchman is the leader of NR Fight and has more than 2,500 students. Nicolas is a reference in the gym market and transmits his teachings through sport.

Nicolas is a well-rounded athlete, not only because he has a versatile finishing game, but also because of the way he prepared for his post-career. The wrestling star studied new markets and immersed himself in entrepreneurship. 

He started investing in finances and personal marketing to become even more relevant in the industry. Nicolas is one of the main exponents of grappling on the European continent and has paved his legacy in the ADCC. In all, he has taken part in the world’s biggest grappling event on six occasions and won four qualifiers.

Nicolas highlights importance of study

In an interview with VF Comunica, Nicolas Renier pointed out that athletes need to study finance and train in order to generate income once they are no longer at the top level.

“You have to invest in order to have an income for when they are no longer active. The money that comes in should be used to pay the bills, but also to train or invest in yourself to continue evolving.  We need to improve as people first to be able to earn more in the future,” said Nicolas.

The Frenchman stressed the importance of the athlete keeping up to date and said that he was going to do an exchange program at the Melqui Galvão School in Jundiaí.

“You can’t think that people will remember you and pay you a good price just because you were a champion in the past. Who are you today and who will you be in 10 years’ time? So you have to keep up to date. That’s why I’m moving to São Paulo to train with Melqui to update my teaching methodology,” said the black belt.

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Written by Gabriel Almada

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