Ruan Alvarenga shines once again in grappling

Ruan Alvarenga won the grappling belt of The Place of Peace. Phoyo by Instagram

Black belt Ruan Alvarenga had another great performance in grappling. Last Sunday, Ruan finished American Desmond McDonald and won the belt at The Place of Peace event, held in New York.

Ruan imposed his aggressive style and settled the score with a plastic armbar from mount, with just over four minutes of action. The Minas Gerais native, a student of Marcelinho Garcia, celebrated the triumph on social media and shared the experience of having fought at the event.

“I was born to fight and it will never be different. I was a superfight champion today in New York and won this beautiful belt. My opponent showed up overweight. I was supposed to fight up to 70.3kg, but I was offered a fight up to 73.5kg with another guy. I had the option not to take the fight, but I came a long way to say no. I fought, dominated the fight and finished in the armbar. Next weekend I have some seminars. I can’t wait to share knowledge. Then, I’ll return to Brazil, and I’ll continue with the work to win as many titles as possible,” Ruan said.

Ruan Alvarenga is one of the most talented Brazilian grapplers in the sport. The black belt boasts a finishing game and has the guillotine and the armlock as specialties. In addition, he is an athlete who always provides exciting duels.

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Written by Gabriel Almada

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