Roberto Jimenez triumphs with absolute gold at no-gi Worlds

Roberto Jimenez and Roosevelt Sousa had one of the best black-belt fights at the 2023 No Gi Worlds

Roberto Jimenez snagged his first-ever IBJJF major gold, finishing strong with a submission against Roosevelt Sousa
Roberto Jimenez snagged his first-ever IBJJF major gold, finishing strong with a submission against Roosevelt Sousa

The match between Roberto “The Natural” Jimenez and Roosevelt Sousa was one of the most anticipated by grappling fans, an expectation heightened by the well-known rivalry between the two fighters. During the fight, Roosevelt took the lead, scoring four points by dominating his opponent’s back with both hooks.

However, the black-belt from João Pessoa was unable to maintain dominance for long. Robertinho, in turn, escaped and grabbed his back, preparing the choke. With the dominant position well controlled, in fact, “The Natural” was effective in the attack and managed to submit. Robertinho secured the title of absolute champion at the IBJJF No Gi Worlds.

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Another victory by submission was due to the fight between the super-heavyweight finalists. Vinicius “Trator” showed the dangerous skills of a good guard player but was surprised after sweeping. Javier Zaruski wasn’t intimidated by the points he lost on the scoreboard and reversed the fight by finishing with a triangle choke.

In the featherweight division, the fight was driven by lighter movements from the athletes. Diego “Pato” demonstrated technical precision by achieving a large advantage on the score, a behavior that guaranteed him the title of world featherweight champion. The scoring began in a very classic way: pulling guard, sweeping to pass, then finishing the points count with the knee in the belly of opponent Gianni Grippo.

Elder “El Monstro” Cruz was the name of the heavyweight, after beating Adam Wardzinski by three advantages. There was also a champion defined by decision of the referees. According to the judges’ analysis, Ronaldo Junior was more combative than David Garmo, securing first place in the light heavyweight division.

In the final between Lucas Valente and Deandre Corbe, in the lightweight division, both almost gave up due to foot and ankle attacks, but the desire to take home the gold spoke louder and neither of them tapped out. In the end, Lucas Valente won by advantages.

Everton Teixeira beat Riki Yoshinaga in the roosterweight final. Among the featherweights, the duel was fierce between Edwin “Junny” Ocasio and Zach Kaina, which was decided by one advantage. Norwegian Tommy Langaker maintained his great performance from the previous day and won the gold medal in the middleweight division, after beating Mike Perez by four points

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