PFL champion Raush gets closer to his family, avoids new friends and says: “I understand the concept of friendship better”

Raush Manfio is a Professional Fighters League Champion. Photo: PFL

At 30 years of age, Raush Manfio is living his best phase as professional athlete and provider. Owner of a lightweight belt from the Professional Fighters League (PFL), Raush took some time during his vacation to take care of old injuries and get closer to his family before kicking off his training sessions for the 2022 season.

War Horse, as his friends call him, has 15 wins and three losses in his career, as well as a sequence of four consecutive wins in the organization. Joilton Lutterbach, Anthony Pettis, Clay Collard and Loik Radzhabov were all defeated by the Brazilian.

Acting as PFL champion means he as a target on his back, but Raush claims that being chased by opponents in this manner makes him more motivated to train.

“The pressure increases, and now I have a target on my back due to being a champion, but this motivates me to train more. I want to be the champion of the 2022 season, and so I keep up the same seriousness and dedication like I always have. I’ll go in sharper than ever—that’s a fact. Twenty twenty-two Raush will be more active, will throw more strikes per minute of fighting, without a doubt. One thing that we from the team have noticed is that the volume of strikes can be much bigger. I want to use spinning strikes as well. I’ll risk new things—I’m quite motivated!” says Raush.

As well as the nice belt, Raush received the prize of one million dollars. The money changed his life forever, as he says below.

“I sacrificed a lot of time with my family, because I went three years without fighting and had to find a way to pay the bills. Now everything has changed! Now I can train at a high level and improve the quality of my rest, because I no longer need to work. Now I can be closer to my wife and my daughters. Now I can, really, watch the growth of my daughters. I am living more than I dreamed, than I wanted. The goal was to be able to maintain my family properly and do what I loved. I did it,” says the American Top Team athlete.

But wait: what has Raush had to avoid since pocketing the hefty sum? Knowing how to steer clear of “gold-digger friends” was one of the things he had to do.

“Now I understand the concept of friendship better. When you are, really, in a difficult stage of your life, is where you’re gonna find your true friends. When you have nothing to offer, you find true friends. But, after the belt, many people wanted to get closer to me. Now I get invites to go out, for dinner and much more. In the past, it wasn’t like this; there were no spotlights on me. I know how to tell who is who. God remains by my side; he blesses and guides me!” says the champion.

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