Pedro Rocha wants a rematch against Giancarlo Bodoni: “At ADCC it would be special”

Black-belt beat Roosevelt Sousa in the quarterfinals of the IBJJF Absolute GP No Gi

Pedro Rocha
Grappler on a positive trajectory, Pedro Rocha projects a season focused on superfights and GPs. Image: @pedrorocha93

A familiar face among the main grappling competitors, Pedro Rocha performed well during the 2023 season and achieved first place in the IBJJF heavyweight rankings. Champion in the Pans and Brazilian Nationals, both No Gi, Pedro Rocha was an important player in the IBJJF Absolute GP No Gi in February. In the bracket with eight grapplers, Rocha beat Roosevelt Sousa in the quarterfinals. The danger of submission in a guillotine attack gave him an advantage and victory.

“Roosevelt Sousa is a very tough athlete. I know him, but we are not close friends. I had already trained with him once about 2 years ago. I think if it weren’t for the GP, this fight would be very difficult to happen due to the weight difference. I believe I played the perfect game to beat him. I fought with the rule in my mind and really tried to explode more at the beginning to try for the submission. I applied two tight guillotines, but he managed to get out.”, he details.

The fight against Giancarlo Bodoni was highly anticipated by Pedro Rocha

In the semi-final, Pedro Rocha would have to overcome Giancarlo Bodoni to compete in the final against Kaynan Duarte. According to him, in an interview with VF Comunica, the punishments seemed to be applied too quickly, which meant that Pedro had to be less cautious when chasing the loss.

“It was really the fight I wanted most. I really wanted this fight against Bodoni. He is the current ADCC champion in my 88 kg division. I believe I had a good fight with him, but unfortunately I thought the punishments they gave me were too quick so I had to start attacking more, that’s how he swept me and was in no rush on top. I really want this rematch again, under any event or rule. But it would definitely be special at the ADCC.”, suggests the athlete who, unable to compete in the ADCC trials, eagerly awaits Mo Jassim’s invitation to compete in Vegas.

Finishing game, with a tendency to the guillotine, is attractive to grappling fans

Pedro Rocha’s fighting style is the type that excites the audience that follows the ADCC. He is a finisher with special skill with the guillotine, in 2023 there were 5 victories from the choke. However, even though there is a desire to compete in the ADCC, Pedro states that this season he is more inclined towards superfights and GPs.

“I was number 1 last year, I managed to win my second Pan title, but now in the open class closing-out the final with my brother. This season I’m focusing on GPs and superfights, I may even fight in one championship or another, but that’s my focus and certainly the ADCC.”, he highlights, projecting, according to his own experiences, a boom in popularity of grappling in Brazil within the next three years.

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Written by Emmanuela Oliveira

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