Pedro Marinho defends WNO title against Lovato in card with a big line-up

Pedro Marinho is the current WNO light heavyweight champion. Photo: Bane Visnijc

Pedro Marinho is one of today’s top grapplers and always puts on intense fights. The Gracie Barra star mixes physical strength with refined technique and has a strong takedown game. Pedro is a natural finisher and has the guillotine as the main weapon in his arsenal. According to BJJ Heroes, he has 12 victories with this attack at black belt level.

Pedro is the current light heavyweight champion of Who’s Number One and will be making his second title defense. He will face Rafael Lovato Jr on the star-studded card of WNO 20, to be held on October 1 in Houston, Texas. The event also marks the return of Gordon Ryan and Mica Galvão and Diogo Reis to the organization. 

The 26-year-old is on a roll in the WNO and proved in his last appearance without a gi that the challenger will need an inspired night to beat him. In February, Pedro Marinho beat Giancarlo Bodoni, the current ADCC -88kg champion, with authority. Over the course of the match, Pedro showed off his sharp wrestling and took Bodoni down on a few occasions. He took down John Danaher’s pupil and won an undisputed victory.

Rafael Lovato is also on the rise in the organization and sought a thrilling finish in front of his home crowd at WNO 19 in Oklahoma City. In May, Lovato finished Elder Cruz with a masterful rear naked choke in the co-main event and qualified to face the current champion.

Pedro Marinho defeated Giancarlo Bodoni this year. Photo: Bane Visnjic

Pedro Marinho has a golden record in Jiu-Jitsu In 2021, the Gracie Barra athlete won double gold at the World No-Gi and was champion of the American Nationals. Pedro has held the WNO middleweight belt since January 2022, when he defeated Craig Jones by unanimous decision.

Throughout his black belt career, Pedro has defeated opponents of the caliber of Roberto Cyborg, Victor Hugo, Vagner Rocha, Roberto Jimenez, Davi Ramos, among other stars. He shows himself to be more complete with each challenge and has all the attributes to put on another great show for the public in his next engagement.

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Written by Gabriel Almada

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