Outstanding, Bernardo Passos shines at grappling GP in Paris

Bernardo Passos is a grappling sensation. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Bernardo Passos is a rising grappling star in Europe. Bernardo imposed his sharp technique and delivered an outstanding performance at a grappling event in Paris. The Jiu-Jitsu and Luta Livre black belt took the title after securing an impressive seven submission victories in 11 fights in the tournament. 

Bernardo reigned supreme in the eight-man GP and didn’t concede a single point during the competition. The Brazilian is a relentless competitor with an explosive style. Bernardo specializes in the heel lock, a submission that has earned him six wins in the tournament. He also applied a plastic armbar to win one of his fights. 

At 24, Bernardo is seen as a rare grappling gem. He has a knack for setting up lethal shots in a split second and doesn’t tend to lose superior positions. He has been living in France for just over a year and has been collecting gold medals since he landed in the country. 

He took the gold medal at the Opens in Paris, Madrid, Lisbon and London, organized by the IBJJF, and also won a superfight at the ADCC event in Scotland. His next focus is the European No-Gi, scheduled for October 26-29 in Lazio, and Bernardo will be hunting for another prestigious title.

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Written by Gabriel Almada

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