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Nicolas Renier’s tip: from rear naked choke to the head and arm choke

Reels with technical tips are part of the French fighter’s feed

Rising content creator, Nicolas Renier teaches choke technique in recent reels. Image: @nicolas_renier

Nicolas Renier, Luta Livre black-belt responsible for NR Fight, has been standing out in the digital scenario by offering creative and quality content to his followers. In an unbridled growth in terms of engagement and visibility on networks, with a number that exceeds 50.000 followers on his IG, Nicolas projects a 2024 with even more active participation as a content creator.

Imagine surprising your opponent with a head and arm choke from the back? With the correct adjustment, it is guaranteed to be successful, considering that the opponent is calculating a specific type of defense, as a rear naked choke attack is expected.

In the reels posted by Renier, with a very creative execution, Mica Galvão’s training partner teaches a technique that transforms the classic rear naked choke setup into an opportunity for a head and arm choke applied from the back. With the step by step correct, the pressure increases as the opponent’s defense capacity decreases drastically. It’s the power of the well-known surprise factor. Now, just wait for the taps.

In a recent interview with VF Comunica, Renier said that he is adjusting his techniques with Melqui Galvão’s team to seek a good place in the ADCC trials. A fighter who predominantly performs in the No Gi, Nicolas is already putting some gi training into his routine. In 2024, he plans to compete in the modality, although the focus remains on No Gi.

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