Marlus Salgado talks about the Jiu-Jitsu Manual: “helping both beginner and black belt”

Marlus Salgado

Black belt Marlus Salgado sees himself as a Jiu-Jitsu visionary. A high-performance athlete with gold medals in the main competitions of the IBJJF in Brazil, he still manages to set some time aside to undertake in the sports industry.

Studious, Marlus has always been a reference when it comes to private lessons in Jiu-Jitsu. Because of this contact with beginners, he saw the need to further dissect the main points to evolve on the journey to become a black belt. The increase in demand for private lessons forced the teacher to invest in the digital market.

In 2019, the Jiu-Jitsu Manual was born, a platform that brings together thousands of classes divided by belt, with and without the gi. There, every beginner or more advanced practitioner can have a direction to achieve their personal goals.

“The first hurdle was getting the project off the ground. All classes were recorded in the studio and I did this for nine months until I managed to accumulate more than 500 positions. I did everything in a well-organized way to help both white belt and black belt, seeing as the latter might need some help setting up lessons for their students,” explains Marlus, 28 years old.

A black belt since 2018, Marlus already has 3,000 students on the platform. His mission has always been to help in the popularization of the sport and the evolution of practitioners.

“The biggest achievement was being able to transform the lives of our students. I receive testimonials that I never imagined I would one day receive. They are testimonials from teachers who live in cities far from the big centers and no longer have contact with their own teachers on a daily basis and use our platform to keep the Jiu-Jitsu flame lit. They learn from me and pass the teaching on to other students and practitioners. Without the help from the Jiu-Jitsu Manual, they would have stopped. This is surreal”, comments the businessman and professor.

Marlus also takes the opportunity to explain if there’s pressure to win in Jiu-Jitsu, as he doesn’t need sponsorship to fight, for now. See what he says.

“Today, I don’t fight for prize money like I used to, I fight to build my story, challenge myself and get as far as I can. The pressure I have is more internal than external, it’s a different type of pressure, after all, we all want to win and there is only one champion. I deal with all this naturally, it’s part of the game!”, says Marlus.

Marlus trains in São Paulo with Professor Luiz Guigo and does two Jiu-Jitsu sessions a day, in addition to physical preparation three times a week. The athlete wants to win big titles as a black belt.

“My training routine is great, there are two training sessions a day, a competition training session and a technical one. On top of that, I do physical preparation three times a week. Master Guigo and all the guys at the academy have been pushing me to the limit and I feel that I’ve been improving every day. We have a very strong team here and I am sure that we will still reap many results in the coming years”, predicts Marlus.

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