Marcio de Deus: “Gabi is hungry to shine at BJJ Stars”

Marcio de Deus and Gabi Pessanha after the star won her sixth black belt world title. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Marcio de Deus is one of the leading Jiu-Jitsu teachers on the competitive circuit and does noble work in Cidade de Deus. “MD” leads Infight’s social project in the Rio de Janeiro community and has revealed several gems, such as six-time world champion Gabi Pessanha, Anderson Kauan, Maria Cláudia, among others. 

Marcio started this work in Cidade de Deus over a decade ago and today he is reaping the rewards of what he has sown. On September 9, in São Paulo, Gabi Pessanha will have the chance to win R$100,000 in the BJJ Stars 11 Women’s Heavyweight Grand Prix. Gabi arrives at the Grand Prix as the clear favorite, but Marcio guarantees that his student will have a difficult mission in the tournament.

“Gabi is very well prepared, she’s been training a lot and has been doing intensive and specific training for BJJ Stars. As well as the technical side, we’re working on the mental, psychological and emotional side, which I consider fundamental. Gabi is absurd technically, but we’re making adjustments. We know it will be a difficult mountain to climb due to the level of the athletes at the event, but we know we can reach the top with hard work and simplicity,” said the black belt, in an interview with VF Comunica.

Marcio de Deus guarantees that Gabi Pessanha is very excited about winning the GP and believes that her will to win could be the difference between her winning the BJJ Stars.

“Every athlete has their strengths, they all have their differentials, but I can speak about Gabi because I work with her. She really wants to win the GP, Gabi has an absurd desire and she’s hungry for this event thanks to the prize money and to be with the guys on the day of the event. It’s all she talks about, she’s focused and determined to win the GP. She’s going to come with a will,” confirmed the Infight teacher.

The black belt emphasizes the importance of this Women’s GP, with R$100,000 at stake, for the development of women’s Jiu-Jitsu and emphasizes that this event can open doors for the new generation.

“I’m very happy because this event demonstrates the appreciation of women’s BJJ. Without a doubt, women’s Jiu-Jitsu is just as competitive as men’s Jiu-Jitsu. The level of the athletes is very high and we see this from the color belts, so I’m glad that BJJ Stars has taken the initiative to create this GP. I’m looking forward to this tournament. This tournament will boost women’s Jiu-Jitsu and will certainly inspire the younger ones. Young people need good idols and good references in the sport, and the Women’s GP is sure to explode even more,” said Marcio de Deus.

The Infight squad made some noise at Pan Kids 2023. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Infight is one of the fastest-growing teams in the sport and has proven to be a hotbed of young talent. The squad has achieved significant results around the world and is gaining more and more notoriety in the Jiu-Jitsu community. Marcio explains the reason for the school’s success in competitions and emphasizes the importance of consistent work.

“My team will be in action next weekend at the Jiu-Jitsu Con, and Gabi will be fighting in that championship. Some students are going to compete in the World Masters in Las Vegas, and Gabi and I are going to teach an IBJJF seminar. After that, some students will fight in the South American Championships in São Paulo, and then we’ll focus on the European Kids Championships in Dublin, where we’ll take a big team to compete. We’ve been working on this for a long time and we’ll climb the rungs little by little. I’m happy to help the team grow. It’s a lot of work, keeping our feet on the ground because we know we’re capable of achieving good results. We’ll work to get further and further,” concluded “MD”.

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Written by Gabriel Almada

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