Luiza Monteiro celebrates ADXC triumph:” I loved the experience”

Multiple Atos champion beats Nathalie Ribeiro in close match

Luiza Monteiro em ação contra Nathalie Ribeiro no ADXC. Foto: Divulgação/ADXC
Luiza Monteiro in action against Nathalie Ribeiro at ADXC. Photo: ADXC

Luiza Monteiro proved once again why she is the name to beat in the lightweight elite. Luiza defeated Nathalie Ribeiro by unanimous decision in the preliminary card of the ADXC last Friday in Abu Dhabi. The black belts fought a balanced duel over the course of the three rounds, but Luiza had the upper hand when it came to the scorecards.

Luiza and Nathalie have faced each other several times at black belt level, but this was their first bout in the cage. The confrontation was fierce and both attacked in the footlock on numerous occasions. 

In an interview with VF Comunica, Luiza Monteiro described the sensation of taking part in ADXC and confessed that the event exceeded her expectations.

ADXC battle

“I thought I was going to be very nervous, of course I was, but I enjoyed it. I’m more old school, I don’t really like MMA or spectacle, because I prefer bantamweight championships. But I loved this format: from the press conference to the cage. I’m very happy,” said the Atos athlete.

Luiza took stock of her fight against Nathalie and listed the factors that determined her triumph at the ADXC.

“It was a decision that could have gone either way, but I did a few things besides the footlock. I attacked in the leglock, I swept, I took the back. So I think those were the differentiators. I also attacked some very hard footlocks. So I think I did a bit too much,” concluded the black belt.

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Written by Gabriel Almada

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