Guybson Sá shows well-executed grappling in classic ADCC CLT fight

In the open class final, Guybson Sá is precise in his performance until the submission

Guybson Sá is one of the grapplers who has had a good run at the ADCC over the years.

In the huge collection of great ADCC classics over the years, there is this fight between Guybson Sá and Jeff Monson in a 2014 edition of the biggest submission organization in the world. At the time, the title of absolute champion is being contested between the Brazilian Guybson, from Spartan Academy, and Jeff, a grappler with a dangerous reputation as a finisher.

The fight begins in a classic way, with a study of the opponent’s movements and the famous grips behind the back of the head, known to be physically exhausting. Just over a minute into the fight, the Brazilian fighter manages a perfect double leg entry, taking Monson to the mat. Leading the duel, Guybson advances quickly, passes the guard and moves to the opponent’s back. It’s in this movement that the armbar submission almost happens, but Monson’s well-executed defense gets in the way, a classic Jiu-Jitsu class on both sides.

From the first attack, which resulted in the takedown, Guybson assumed control until Jeff’s defense made him escape the armbar. However, Guybson’s imposition of pace made him advance even further in the final half, controlling on the side control and forcing his opponent to turn on turtle. Now, it’s just a matter of patience until the right moment for the final attack arrives. No sooner said than done. With perfect timing, Guybson Sá aims for the neck and submits Monson with the traditional rear naked choke.

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Written by Emmanuela Oliveira

Emmanuela Oliveira é faixa-marrom de Jiu-Jitsu e formada em Comunicação Social. Dentro do tatame, aprendeu que é possível conjugar Jiu-Jitsu, escrita e o gosto pelas artes visuais em um só pacote.

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