Grappling sensation Ruan Alvarenga targets Brasileiro Nogi and analyzes Meregali x Kaynan

Ruan Alvarenga took the title at the Vitória Open 2023. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Ruan Alvarenga is a rare grappling gem in Brazil. The Minas Gerais native is gaining more and more ground in the sport thanks to his finishing style, which guarantees him triumphant victories. Ruan competes exclusively in nogi and is seen as one of the main revelations of the sport in his country. Ruan sees himself as a finisher and has the repertoire to surprise his opponents with attacks in different areas. He points out that when he’s in action it’s sure to be an exciting fight.

“My differential is my aggressiveness. People know that I can end the fight at any time, because I look for the finish at any cost, I’m not a one-hit athlete, I attack every part of the body. When I step on the mat, everyone knows it’s going to be war from start to finish, regardless of the result. I’m a hunter, I go after the prey at all costs. I love to fight, it’s inside me, you’ll never see me doing a lukewarm fight,” says Ruan Alvarenga, in an interview with VF Comunica.

In his next assignment, Ruan will come to Rio de Janeiro in pursuit of gold in the Brazilian Nogi Championship, to be held on September 23 and 24. Ruan comments that he will give his all at the championship and promises to impose his performance style to become champion.

“I don’t do camps, I’m always trained and ready for any moment. If I need to enter any event a day early, I’ll be ready. The only thing that changes in my training for championships or big fights is that I train more intelligently. I do specific rolls according to the time and the rules of the fight, aimed at the target competition. You can expect me at the Brasileiro Nogi like an animal, I’m hungry for war and I love that feeling,” says the black belt.

Ruan trains with Marcelinho Garcia in New York and considers the four-time ADCC champion to be one of the people responsible for building his aggressive and lethal game. The Minas Gerais native has Marcelinho as an idol and points out that his time at his school was essential for him to evolve in grappling.

“Marcelo has always been my inspiration, ever since I was a kid. His mentality when it comes to fighting is the same as mine, he looks for the finish from the first second of the fight to the last. Learning from him made me and made me improve this game and this instinct”, says Ruan.

As well as being a sublime competitor, the athlete is an admirer of grappling. He points out that the sport is on the rise in Brazil, but points out that other countries are ahead in the sport.

“The reality is that we’re still a long way behind some countries when it comes to grappling, I’m talking about popularization. But the sport has grown and I’m very happy about that, because I’m passionate about grappling,” Ruan says.

Nicholas Meregali’s landslide victory over Kaynan Duarte may have surprised a large part of the BJJ community. On the other hand, Ruan Alvarenga says he wasn’t surprised by the outcome of the fight.

“To be honest, I wasn’t surprised by the result. We saw what he did at the ADCC with so little time training no-gi, and anyone who trains without a gi knows that migration isn’t so simple. As well as being very good at Jiu-Jitsu and being studious, he’s also bigger and stronger now, and that makes a difference. It’s fine if a lot of people don’t like him, but to question the guy’s Jiu-Jitsu is to be hypocritical or not understand anything about grappling,” concludes the fighter.

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Written by Gabriel Almada

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