Dudu Granzotto: “I’m ready for any situation with Cole”

Dudu Granzotto will face Cole Abate in one of the superfights on the IBJJF Absolute Grand Prix card. Photo by IBJJF

Eduardo Granzotto, 20, is one of Checkmat’s main prospects and graduated to black belt after a victorious career in the colored belts, including golds at the 2021 World Championships and Pan 2021 in purple and at the 2023 European Championships in brown. 

Dudu is one of the team’s big bets to shine at major championships. He was formed in the Cantagalo Jiu-Jitsu social project alongside Jansen Gomes, his childhood friend since they lived in the Rio de Janeiro community.

Dudu Granzotto is a skillful guard and becomes even more lethal when he manages to take the back. He doesn’t usually lose this position of dominance and has an arsenal of chokes to settle the score.

Dudu Granzotto will make his Jiu-Jitsu elite debut in one of the IBJJF Absolute GP superfights on September 1 in Las Vegas. Dudu will face “Ice Boy” Cole Abate, another rising Jiu-Jitsu prodigy who will also be making his debut for the Federation at black belt. Dudu, in an interview with VF Comunica, said that he is prepared for any situation that the fight may bring.

“I can surprise him with a dynamic game and forward Jiu-Jitsu. We both have similar styles when it comes to always trying to be ahead on the scoreboard and not giving up points to our opponents. But my differential is my heart and my will! I’m ready for any moment,” said the Checkmat jewel.

Dudu recognizes that Cole also has exciting Jiu-Jitsu and believes that the performance styles of both men fueled the IBJJF’s interest in inviting them to the superfight.

“I have the feeling that my work has been recognized and my BJJ has a difference. They want those who fight forward, without tying themselves up, and we’re both those guys,” said Dudu.

The black belt invested in physical and technical preparation to arrive sharp and achieve a strong result.

“I’ve been preparing very well with my team, both in terms of Jiu-Jitsu techniques and in terms of fitness and nutrition. Everything is aligned! I’m just waiting for the big day to fight at the show and get the win. We studied Cole’s game and I know his teachers studied me too. In today’s Jiu-Jitsu, nobody fights without mapping out their opponent. My training has been more focused on perfecting my techniques and attacks, the rest you’ll see on the day,” Dudu revealed.

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Written by Gabriel Almada

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