Duda Gracie, after the IBJJF world title, is going for gold at ADCC Youth

Blue-belt under Ronaldo Jacaré, multiple gi champion, will make her grappling debut at the ADCC main event

Duda Gracie in a moment of concentration for his fights at the Jiu-Jitsu Worlds.
Duda Gracie in a moment of concentration for his fights at the Jiu-Jitsu Worlds. Image: @israelhudsonfx

Duda Gracie has been dreaming of reaching the top of the podium at the Pyramid since she started Jiu-Jitsu at the age of five. At the IBJJF Worlds, which took place from May 30 to June 2 in California, the blue-belt, an athlete of Ronaldo Jacaré, won the gold medal she had always dreamed of, fighting in the heavyweight division, in the Juvenile 1. Maria Eduarda is proud of herself and has good memories of her achievement.

“I am very happy, it has always been my dream to be in the Pyramid and become world champion. In my first fight I already knew I would be champion, because I was in great shape and ready for anything, my mind was very good and being with my mother and my coach Lucas (Pinheiro) was essential.”.

Team and family support was fundamental to the victory

From the moment she entered the Pyramid in Long Beach to her first place on the podium, Duda remained confident and had the mindset of a champion. She was supported at all times by her team, represented by black-belt Lucas Pinheiro, and by her family, accompanied by her mother, who was always ready to motivate Duda before her daughter entered the mat.

“I had two fights because I was already in the semifinals. I felt very prepared to fight and I was very confident. It was a mix of emotions. I am going through a great improvement both physically and emotionally. Training with great champions has helped me become a better athlete and a better person. Technically, I feel unstoppable, but I know I have a lot to improve on.”.

Duda’s next stop will be at ADCC Youth, in Vegas

With a scheduled commitment at the ADCC Youth, Maria Eduarda will arrive at the most important grappling competition in the world with a very strong credential – the title of IBJJF gi world champion.

“I am very happy to be going to the ADCC. I will start my training camp next week. I will be very well prepared, training with my masters Ronaldo Jacaré and Lucas Pinheiro. I want to surprise everyone in every fight, always standing out against my opponents, without giving them any chance. God willing, I will be champion.”.

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Written by Emmanuela Oliveira

Emmanuela Oliveira é faixa-marrom de Jiu-Jitsu e formada em Comunicação Social. Dentro do tatame, aprendeu que é possível conjugar Jiu-Jitsu, escrita e o gosto pelas artes visuais em um só pacote.

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