Bruno Frazatto, Atos leader in Atlanta, talks about the challenges of training his daughter

Roberto Godoi’s black-belt comes to Brazil to coach at Brasileiro Kids

Bruno Frazatto is currently responsible for an Atos academy, based in Atlanta.
Bruno Frazatto is currently responsible for an Atos academy, based in Atlanta. Image: @zaejitsu

Born in Campinas, São Paulo, Bruno Frazatto discovered Jiu-Jitsu when he was 14 years old and, after just three months as a white-belt, he became champion in a local tournament. A challenge that he decided to face after being encouraged by his grandfather and Marcelo Ferreira, his professor at the time. Today, with 19 years as a black-belt and several relevant titles on the shelf, including MMA fights, Bruno Frazatto is also driven by the mission to encourage, passing on Jiu-Jitsu to his little daughter.

“Today I can see all the benefits that Jiu-Jitsu brings in terms of personal improvement. So, as a father, I always try to pass on this knowledge to her in a way that she understands what I want to convey. I see that the competitive environment is very important for her to transform as an athlete and as a person. Jiu-Jitsu is a wonderful sport that, if done right for children, the benefits go well beyond the mat.”

Among the biggest difficulties of teaching Jiu-Jitsu within the family, Frazatto points out the difficulties children have in separating events on the mat, in training and competitions, from situations restricted to the family environment. “I am driven by challenges and it has been very important for my development as a father and professor because, at the same time as I have to think about her technical improvement, I also have to think about the psychological part of the process. It’s not easy, but it’s very enjoyable and rewarding,” he commented.

Bruno Frazatto and his daughter during a Jiu-Jitsu championship.
Bruno Frazatto and his daughter during a Jiu-Jitsu championship. Image: @caitxclarke

Four-time Brazilian Nationals black-belt champion, as well as a gold medalist at the Euros and Pans, Bruno Frazatto was part of the featherweight elite for many years, establishing himself as a successful competitor. In this interview, he recalls his beginnings and how he overcame obstacles. At that time, deciding to pursue a career in martial arts was a much bolder move, as today’s incentives, although far from ideal, were basically non-existent.

“All titles have a very important meaning in my life, but I think my first World title as a blue-belt was very special due to the circumstances of the moment I was living. I was able to overcome all adversity and emerge as a champion knowing that I was on the right path, even though many people said I was doing something crazy. Going down this path in a sport that in my time didn’t have many successful people to look up to.”, Frazatto stated, citing, still on this topic, the fights at the Worlds and the ADCC. Matches that made the black-belt reach a new level in the sport’s elite.

Manu Frazatto está seguindo os passos do pai e tem o desejo de vencer seu primeiro título brasileiro kids. Foto: arquivo pessoal
Manu Frazatto is following in his father’s footsteps and wants to win his first Brazilian Nationals title. Image: Personal Archive

Success also came in entrepreneurship – Bruno Frazatto’s Atos academy, in Atlanta, is a reference

Owner of an Atos gym in Atlanta, Bruno Frazatto is currently experiencing a successful phase as a businessman, managing a unit seen as a reference for teaching children, carefully preparing future generation athletes. Atos Atlanta breathes Jiu-Jitsu, with more than 15 dedicated professors and different schedules, for all types of students.

“The academy has been growing a lot. Today, we are certainly the largest children’s program in Georgia and certainly one of the biggest in the southern United States. We receive visitors weekly due to the success of our students in competitions. We have a team of 15 instructors and professors who do an incredible job and we have classes at all levels, practically all day long, and the methodology has been essential for the growth of the business. In the competitive scenario, our athletes have already won Worlds and Pans titles. In the primary belts, IBJJF Gi and No Gi, we have already won the ADCC Trials here in the USA. I am convinced by the results that we are on the right path.”, Frazatto said, a medalist at the IBJJF Worlds.

The IBJJF Brazilian Nationals for Kids will take place on June 22nd and 23rd, and Bruno Frazatto will arrive in Brazil to instruct his five-year-old daughter in the competition. The tournament’s traditional setting harks back to a time of good memories.

“The Brazilian Nationals has always been a very important championship for me. I come from a time when the Brasileiro was practically the Worlds and I’m sure she will love the atmosphere of competing in Brazil. There will be many challenges, but I think she is the favorite to win the title. I’m really looking forward to seeing how she will perform at the Brazilian Nationals.”, Bruno highlighted.

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