Bebeto Oliveira arrives at the 2022 World Cup in high spirits: “Champion’s mind”

Bebeto is mentally strong and ready for new challenges. Photo: Personal Archive

Bebeto Oliveira is the GFTeam’s bantamweight representative at the World Championship, which starts this Thursday, June 2nd, in Long Beach, California. The black belt will compete in the lightest division of the tournament, which has 15 athletes.

Bebeto has Henrique Rossi (SAI) as his first opponent in the division this Saturday, June 6th, when the black belt qualifying matches for the 2022 Worlds take place.

“The division is full of tough athletes, but I believe that at the level Jiu-Jitsu is currently at, everyone has a chance. The one who has the most mettle will win and I will give 100% of my potential, as always”, highlights Bebeto.

Current Pan-American champion, after beating Thalison Soares (AOJ) in the final, Bebeto explains the feeling of being champion and how it makes a difference to fight at the Worlds.

“I am very happy with these titles because I see that my hard work is being rewarded… But I don’t let it go to my head! Regardless of the results, I keep the same focus in all competitions. That’s what makes a champion’s mind”, explains Bebeto, before commenting on a possible new confrontation with Thalisson.

“Thalison is a very tough athlete, whenever we fight we make it a war. But I don’t train thinking about a specific athlete, I aim to win the division because they’re all great athletes there.”

Written by Vitor Freitas

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